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for almost 40 years, Restaurant Ivo has been offering a wide array of meat and fish dishes for both local and tourist population



Our menu offers a selection of delicious meat and fish dishes, all of which are prepared with top quality ingredients and great care



Grilled Squids
Friganca Mix

fried squids, sea bass fillet, big shrimps

Fish Steak & Fillet
Tuna Steak
Ciao Bella

Tuna fillet stuffed with fresh goat cheese, smoked salmon, arugula and leek

Mediteraneo Seabass

Sea bass fillet in a spicy sauce with tomatoes and Mediterranean herbs

Shark in Cream Sauce of Shrimps, Cognac, Wine and Truffles
Grilled Scampi, 350g
John Dory, Scorpion Fish
First Class White Fish



Veal Steak
Veal Cutlets
Grilled Mixed Meat

Baked minced meat patty with mozzarella, spicy tomato salsa, prosciutto, mushrooms and chips

Chicken Fillet “Argentino”

stuffed with salsa, fresh cow cheese and chilli sauce

Spicy Chicken in Sweet-Sour Sauce and Vegetables
Chicken Fingers a ́la Viennese with Sesame
Eight Hours

beef cheeks cooked for eight hours in vegetable consommné and served with plum gnocchi


Pfeffer, truffle or mushroom sauce

Lamb Fillet

reduced lamb, red wine, vegetable and Mediterranean herbs sauce

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